What lies at the fringes of the Arctic is an outpost town of ice and snow only accessible by train or plane. “Jewel of Manitoba” and “The Polar Bear Capital of the World”, are titles Churchill owns proudly.

Formerly a military base but now a buzzing seaport due to the construction of the Hudson Bay Rail and Port of Churchill, the town is now a popular tourist destination internationally that’s known for its polar bears, which you can find everywhere, from the souvenirs and signs to even encountering a real one wandering around. It is also a paradise for birdwatchers and is one of the best spots to gaze at the stunning display of the Northern Lights during the winter where you’ll be able to see the belugas swimming through the summer.

In Churchill, though living amidst the wilderness and nature, there was no lagging in terms of modern technology. Connection with the rest of the world remains through the use of cell phone coverage and high speed, wireless Internet. Innovation, tradition, and culture intertwine together, which is shown through the brightly coloured Inuit wall hangings and prints on the Town Centre Complex’s interior walkways, making this destination culturally rich and interesting