Can Cold Weather Boost Testosterone?

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that takes part in the reproduction, maintenance, and growth of a healthy body. Low testosterone levels alter the normal functions of the body and it may lead to erectile dysfunction, decreased muscle mass, low sex drive, and irritability.

The best testosterone booster surely boosts testosterone levels. However, some methods practiced by those with low testosterone levels have not given satisfying results scientifically. So, what about cold weather?

Many believe that cold weather can enhance testosterone levels, but apparently, this is not true. Here are the reasons why cold weather cannot increase levels of testosterone:

You tend to eat more

During the cold days, your body temperature drops and you feel the urge to eat. Eating more helps you generate internal heat that leads to a rise in temperature. Also, your body spends a lot of energy to keep you warm.

Unfortunately, too much eating leads to one being overweight. When a man gains weight, there are more fat tissues which leads to the production of estrogen hormone and testosterone drop.

Stress and anxiety

Over the winter season, people are often stressed and anxious because it’s too cold and worried about the huge bills they have to pay for electricity.

This kind of anxiety and stress lead to a decrease in the level of testosterone. For more testosterone to be released, you need to be stress-free.

Lack of exercise

Some exercises can increase testosterone. They include; resistance training and high-intensity interval training. Without a doubt, exercise increases your body’s muscle mass and strength which are essential in the release of more testosterone.

However, during cold weather, we tend to be reluctant to go out to exercise. Even those who exercise in the gym find it hard to deal with cold machines. Plus, walking there is too much for them. So, when you fail to exercise during the winter season, your body lacks enough activity required for the production of the testosterone hormone.

Lack of natural vitamin D from the sun

Sunshine is known to be a source of vitamin D, which is a natural supplement that increases the levels of testosterone. Enough sun exposure is required for one to produce high amounts of vitamin D in the body.

But, during the winter season, the sun is rare and people remain in their rooms for warmth. Those who require vitamin D from the sun are then affected. Although there are other natural supplements, sunlight is still the best source of vitamin D.

Lack of sleep

High levels of testosterone are associated with enough sleep at night. However, during the cold season, you may not get quality sleep because the temperatures are too low. Lack of sleep due to this reason will lead to less production of testosterone.

High testosterone levels are associated with a stress-free life, serenity, and getting enough sleep. High-intensity exercises and vitamin D also play important roles.

So, cold weather does not boost testosterone levels as some may claim. The reason being cold weather that leads to stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep, and prevents us to get enough vitamin D.

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