How to Prolong Your Vaping in Cold Weather

Winter seasons are usually the toughest periods and some people barely get through them. This is because energy bills tend to skyrocket as you use more electricity to perform daily activities indoors like when using heaters, watching TV, and more. For this reason, it is also possible that vaping may also cost you a hefty amount of money.

Fortunately, you can still vape during the cold season without encountering any issues. Here is what recommends to achieve this.

Keep the batteries warm

In winter, the internal resistance of the batteries may increase, which makes you use more energy for charging, thus decreasing voltage. Moreover, this can shorten the period of the battery’s charge.

To avoid this consequence, you should always ensure that you store your batteries in a warm place like a vaping sleeve or case.

Avoid vaping with frozen lips

Typically, cold weather can generate frozen lips, and vaping becomes a difficult task to achieve. As a result, you get dry and cracked lips that can feel uncomfortable. However, keeping yourself hydrated or using lip balm during the cold season will always do the trick.

Change the material of the drip tip

Since metal can absorb cold without any hassle, it would be better if you change your metallic drip tip. The insulated bases found on a drip tip are meant to prevent overheating issues but they can also make the material cold during winter seasons. As a result, you may feel unpleasant whenever a cold material gets into contact with your lips.

Instead, use a plastic or glass material since they will not cling to your lips while vaping in winter.

Avoid taking longer pulls

As much as taking long pulls is exciting, it can result in undesired effects. This is because you may be overworking your battery, which in turn decreases its lifespan.

Usually, the cause of this effect is due to the cold air that enters the vape and then travels into the atomizer thus producing less heat.

Use different vaping flavors

To lighten up your mood during the cold season, you can try to switch up your vaping flavors to seasonal ones. Some of them include watermelon splash, candy cane, eggnog, peppermint, and more.

Moreover, if you want to have summer feelings during the cold season, you can opt for tropical flavors including orange Breezer, pina express, and more.

Keep everything warm

Apart from batteries, cold weather can also affect your e-juice and delta-8 vape cartridge. This is because it can interfere with the formulation of delta-8 THC as well as generate a thicker vape juice.

Apart from keeping your vape devices warm, it is also recommended that you dress warmly especially wearing gloves so it can be easier to continue vaping even during winter.

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