Planning to decide on going to Churchill sometime this year? You’ll have to figure out first what kind of activity you want to see or do when you’re there. The golf season is all year round. Pack the drivers and irons and come on down.


The perfect months in viewing the mesmerizing sight of the Northern Lights is February and March, but to increase your chances, go and visit during the midwinter where the skies are at their clearest.


Have a personal encounter with the belugas at the Hudson Bay and the Churchill River through either kayaking or even snorkelling. You can also keep an eye for caribou, the arctic fox, breeding Canadian geese, wolves, and summer polar bears along the coastal rocks or on the tundra.


The fall season marks the beginning of the Polar bear season, so expect sightings of polar bears soon to gather at the outskirts of the town during October and November. Make sure to book your trip in advance by half a year as it’ll be quite busy during this season. You can also try dog sledging or gazing at the Northern Lights.