It is during October and November, where the polar bears start to travel for the winter to settle in Hudson Bay.

It is during October and November.

Will I be able to see belugas, the Northern Lights, and polar bears in one trip?

It is possible, but don’t count on it as there are distinct seasons for every highlight, so one trip won’t be enough to see them all.

In the Churchill River Basin, there are about 3000 belugas that come. In the Hudson Bay area, there are about 60,000 that gather.

About 600 to 1000 bears congregate along the coast between the Churchill and Nelson rivers.

No, as there are no roads that lead to the town. You can travel via Air by plane or land through the Rail.

This was formerly the Churchill Rocket Range’s support centre, built in 1957 by the United States Air Force.

February and March, particularly during the Midwinter season.

Over 250 bird species flock through Churchill, either just flying through on their annual migration or nesting.

It was named after John Churchill, Hudson’s Bay Company’s governor (1685-1691) and the Duke of Marlborough.