Can Cold Temperature Affect Your Vapes? Here’s How to Prepare for Your Next Adventure!

As winter approaches, many adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts are gearing up for expeditions in colder regions. But for vapers, plummeting temperatures mean more than just packing extra layers; they need to consider how the chilly weather will affect their vape devices.

Understanding the impact of cold weather on your vape, and knowing how to prepare them for frosty environments, can enhance your experience and prevent any unwelcome surprises.

Cold’s Effect on Batteries

Firstly, let’s delve into the heart of your vaping device: the battery. Vape batteries, like all lithium-ion cells, are susceptible to external temperatures. Cold weather causes a chemical slowdown within these batteries, resulting in decreased performance and shorter battery life.

You may find your device struggling to power up or provide the usual length of use between charges when exposed to cold conditions.

Next up is the e-liquid. Lower temperatures can significantly increase the viscosity of your vape juice, making it thicker. This change can have a two-fold effect: it makes the liquid less wicking, meaning it doesn’t soak into the coil’s cotton as efficiently, and it could clog the coil and the tank’s small openings, leading to dry hits or muted flavors.

Device Maintenance

Your device itself isn’t immune to the cold either. Metals and plastics contract in lower temperatures, which might cause parts of your vape to fit together differently.

Although not a major concern, it’s something to be aware of as it could lead to leaks or difficulty in opening the tank or changing parts.

Now, let’s pivot to the proactive measures you can take to ensure a seamless vaping experience during your cold-weather excursions.

Keep Batteries Warm

Your first action should be to keep your batteries warm. Storing your vape device in an inside pocket close to your body will use your natural body heat to keep it warmer.

However, avoid placing it in a tight spot where the device could be accidentally activated. When not in use, especially overnight, keep your batteries in a warm indoor area. Purchasing a portable battery case for storage can also help retain heat.

Choose the Right E-Liquid

Regarding e-liquids, consider switching to a juice with a higher propylene glycol (PG) ratio during your cold-climate adventures. PG is thinner than vegetable glycerin (VG) and less likely to thicken in the cold, making it a more suitable option for frigid temperatures.

Conduct Regular Device Checks

Frequent checks on your device will help you spot any changes or issues brought on by the cold. Make sure all parts are fitting together as they should, and check for any leaks or clogs.

It’s also advisable to keep your device clean, ensuring no e-liquid has built up around the connectors, as this can harden and cause issues in the cold.

Prepare Extra Coils and Wicks

Pack extra coils and wicks. If your coil does clog up from thickened e-liquid, you’ll want to have spares on hand. The same goes for wicks – if they’re not absorbing e-liquid properly, you’ll need to change them more frequently.

Carry Spares

A useful tip for longer adventures is to carry a spare device and keep it warm. This way, if one device gets too cold and doesn’t function correctly, you have a backup ready to go. Remember, the spare should also be kept as warm as possible.

Preventative Usage

Lastly, try to use your device in moderation. The more you can keep it out of the cold, the better. Take shorter drags to prevent the coil from getting too cold and restrict your vaping sessions’ length, ensuring the device doesn’t stay out in the open for too long.

Wrapping Things Up

While cold weather can indeed affect your vape, being prepared and understanding how to properly maintain your device can make all the difference.

By keeping your vape and batteries warm, choosing the right e-liquid, regularly checking your device, and having spare parts at hand, you can continue to enjoy your vaping experience even in the most frigid environments. Adventure awaits, and now your vape is as ready as you are!

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