Security & Safety


The Port of Churchill operates under MARSEC1 regulations. Appropriate security measures are maintained at all times.



Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act

Ships entering the Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay are subject to Canada’s Arctic Water Pollution Prevention Act. This act creates a regulatory Time Date Zone that may restrict vessel navigation if ice is present. These navigation restrictions are found above 60N in the Hudson Strait. Vessels of Type A & B Class are permitted into the zone from June 25 to November 30. Vessels of Type C Class are permitted from July 1 to November 15. Vessels operating in the region outside of these dates are subject to the Arctic Ice Regime System (AIRS). AIRS is administered by Transport Canada Marine Safety. AIRS considers vessel condition and crew experience to determine the ability of a vessel to enter the zone. Vessels operating outside the zone data system may still enter using the AIRS and a qualified ice navigator.

For a listing of all associated acts and regulations including the Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act please visit Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act.

Canadian Ice Service

The Canadian Ice Service compiles detailed ice reports and forecasts ice conditions using satellite remote sensing and aerial sureillance. For current ice information see Canadian Ice Service.



Ice breaker support is available from the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG). The CCG provides assistance with ice routing and information pertaining to entering the Canadian Arctic and ice covered waters. Icebreaking Program


Corporate Safety

OmniTRAX is committed to building and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment, click to view our Corporate Safety Commitment.


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