Is it Possible to Travel with CBD?

Cannabidiol is legal in the United States and most European countries. However, if you intend to travel to other countries with it in your possession, there are certain laws that you should know about. Continue reading this article to know more about the legalities involved when traveling with CBD.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the second most often used component in cannabis. CBD is a key component of medical cannabis, but it can only be obtained from the cannabis plant. Cannabis and hemp are both members of the same family of plants. CBD has demonstrated no signs of dependence or misuse, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), and there’s been no indication of health risks linked to its usage.

Why Would People Take CBD Oil with Them When They travel?

According to research, many bring CBD oil with them due to claustrophobia or the fear of being trapped in a small space. Although exposure treatment and counseling can help with the illness, more people have turned to CBD oil to feel peaceful and relaxed while flying.

Some airport operations, such as flying for numerous hours, passing through screening, and showing up on time, can create or aggravate stress and anxiety. When you change time zones, it can also create jet lag or sleep deprivation. CBD is currently being studied to see if it might help pets fly more comfortably and easily. There have been at least 85 animal fatalities on US airlines during 2015 – 2017. CBD oil may be useful in the treatment of anxiety in both people and pets.

Is it Legal to Travel with CBD?

The rules of the state or nation to which you will be traveling decide your ability to travel with CBD oil inside or outside of the United States. CBD oil may be allowed in your state or country, but there may be strict regulations prohibiting CBD oil and any other product made from cannabis or hemp crops in other areas.

The Most Important Things to Remember When Traveling With CBD

Particularly, constantly check the CBD legislation of your destinations before leaving. Also, look into the CBD policies of the aviation authorities. Although CBD is permitted in some nations, aviation authorities may have different rules.

It would help if you also did your homework on any further constraints. In the United States, for example, you could only travel with CBD extracted from hemp. If you want to travel with CBD derived from cannabis, make sure you check the rules in each state before you go. You first must confirm that CBD oil derived from cannabis is allowed in your hometown, your target country, and any countries you may pass through.


The legality of traveling with CBD varies in every country. That’s why it is crucial to research first the rules and regulations about traveling with CBD to avoid problems. Make sure to check if CBD is considered legal in your destination and what type of product and how much is allowed.

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